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Readers' reviews: "Outstanding"; "Unique and original... A must read"; "A book like this should have been written 25 years ago"; "It justifies the re-writing of sections in other popular books"; "Thoughtful and well written".

Published in 2016, this book has already made it to the essential reading list in leading transport MSc courses in the USA and UK. Transport modelling for a complete beginner will change the way you look at transport models, either if you know nothing about them or if you already are an expert. It carefully reviews all kinds of insight you can get from good modelling work, but it is equally thorough in describing common mistakes, pitfalls and misuses of transport models.

It is a highly visual book written for planners, managers, clients who commission forecasting work, consultants at all levels, and anyone else who wants to understand all that jazz about modelling.
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Transport modelling for a complete beginner (book)